doctorSB Preferred Medical billing employs a team of experienced billers and a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) with over 30 years experience. We are affiliated with the AAPC and AMBA and attend regular billing and coding seminars including HiPAA yearly office training.

Our staff is highly experience and efficient and know the in and outs of all denials and hold up on claims being paid that insurance companies normally create. While most would normally give up or just do not have the time due to the normal day to day operations of running the office therefore taking what they can get instead of what they have earned because it is just less trouble. Our determined medical billers can increase your revenue by helping you receive every possible cent of every claim! We can help you eliminate the need for hiring billing employees saving money.
Because medical billing and coding services is rapidly becoming a vital segment of the national healthcare industry, the expectations and standards for accurate coding and billing procedures have become more stringent. SBPMB employees are knowledgeable about the business challenges and issues that medical practices face on a daily basis. Our billers and onsite CPC are skilled medical billers. We ensure that our electronic billing processes are kept up-to-date and meet industry standards including keeping updated on new medical coding requirements, including preparing for ICD-10. We work within your processes to stay compliant with HIPAA privacy and security standards without disrupting your office and re-designing your procedures.

 Increase Cash Flow with consistent, dependable, & reliable, DAILY claims filing.

Solve your immediate and long term medical billing problems. Just one call to SBPMB and these wonderful people will be there for you.